Shoeless Joe / Field of Dreams Book vs Movie!

Join us as we discuss Shoeless Joe and the movie it inspired: Field of Dreams! We talk about how much we enjoyed this baseball movie despite neither of us being all that interested in baseball. Also, when fan fiction goes to a weird tacky place, Kaylia breaks the record for times the word “whatever” is muttered, and Jennifer provides us with some very interesting trivia about the film. Enjoy!

Shoeless Joe vs Field of Dreams.

Shoeless Joe vs Field of Dreams.


Apologies to the town of Chisholm for my awful pronunciation of your town.

Also… that quote from Ebert about sports movies not just being about sports movies? Yeah. I must have dreamed it. I can’t find it. So… yeah… Anyway, here is a list of some of his great quotes and I will try to figure out what I was trying to quote.

Here, however, is the essay that Jennifer referenced regarding Neil Gaiman and his feelings on the public’s sense of entitlement to an artist’s work:

And now for the 4 men named Chris:

Chris Pine, also known as Captain Kirk.

Chris Evans, also known as Captain America.

Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor.

Chris Pratt, or Star-Lord. 

And I’m not the only one who sometimes can’t remember which Chris is which:

2nd to last: The memoir that I kept talking about can be found here. I highly recommend reading it.

LASTLY: I apologize for the weird clicking sound that happens during this episode’s recording. I’m pretty sure it is my ceiling fan. Next time I will crank the AC.


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