Breakfast At Tiffany's


Our most recent episode is ready for your ears!

Join us as we discuss Breakfast At Tiffany’s.


Movie Info here!

In this episode we mostly agree and we treat you to multiple musical interludes… including a never before heard parody song!

Notes about this episode: Kaylia talks fast. There is a LOT of plot and the recaps are both a little intense.

If you want to skip the blow by blow recaps, feel free to jump to the 24 minute mark. Or, if you want to hear my nuanced nicknaming and only slightly snarky spiel but it is all going too fast... use your podcast player’s “go at half speed function.”

Both are valid life choices.


As promised, here are the sources I used to prepare for this episode’s discussion.


- Truman Capote, Playboy interview, 1968