Announcement Time! Patreon and a Giveaway!

We want to announce our Patreon!  We now have a quick and easy way for you to support this podcast and get some cool little perks.

We have started with two tiers… join us at the $1 level to get our episodes as soon as they drop… this could be way in advance of the general public… or it might be twenty minutes before wide release.

Our second tier at $5 gets that immediate release as well as access to our monthly supplemental episodes and our mailbag episodes. Supplemental episodes will feature us talking about books not in the book to film genre, as well as other topics as they arise. We also hope to have some Super Friend interviews and other fun things.

Our first supplemental episode will be our wrap of our our favorite books that we read in 2018.

More tiers and more perks coming soon but since this is new and we want to drive some traffic to our little podcast, we are doing something special right now.


We are having a giveaway!

Here is how you can enter:

You will get one entry into the drawing for each of the following actions:

Liking our Facebook Page

Following us on Twitter

Retweeting us on Twitter

Sharing either our page or a post from the page on your own Facebook.

You can get 5 entries if you join our Patreon at any level.

You can also get 5 entries if you leave us a review on itunes.!

You have from today to January 18th to enter and we will be announcing the winner on January 19th.

Best of luck!