Winner Winner Popcorn Dinner!

Hello! We want to thank those that signed on to support us via our Patreon page! We also want to thank everyone who liked us on Facebook and who shared our posts! And to those of you who left us reviews on itunes, THANK  YOU! We know that there is a weird delay in it getting posted, but we really appreciate it.

As you know, all the above actions earned a bunch of you the chance to win a fabulous drawing… and thanks to google’s ability to roll dice, we have a winner!

The prize is on theme like we promised… this is Pages and POPCORN Podcast, right? and today is National Popcorn Day, right? Yes!


Congratulations Amber S.!

In honor of today being National Popcorn Day and you being a superfan…. We want to gift you: Popcorn! That’s right, you are now the proud owner of a gift certificate to Grandpa’s Popcorn and Sweets!! The friendly staff over at the Nees location will be happy to serve you anytime! Your gift certificate is there waiting for you! Please let us know what delightful flavor you pick out and happy munching!


Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway. Very special thanks to our Patrons at all levels! Your support means the world to us! Those of you at any and all levels have been able to listen to our episodes early… and those at our $5 level will be getting two very special supplemental episodes delivered to their email boxes later this month! It’s never too late to join!

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