Welcome to the Pages and Popcorn Podcast website! Join us as we discuss books… and the films they inspired!

In our biweekly episodes, we recap and then discuss a movie that was based on a book as well as the original source material. We talk about what the themes are, what changes were made and how they affected the overall point of the stories. And we answer the age-old question: “Is this worth my time?”

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We are Jennifer and Kaylia…

… two opinionated book nerds who also like movies!

We are both queer ladies with English degrees, cats, impressive book collections, and more energy than sense!

Jennifer is a tutor, writer, and President of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics

Kaylia is a freelance copy editor, writer, community activist, and Jill of Many Trades. You can find more information about her on her website.

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Quotes from our podcast…

“It was totally Chekhov’s boner!” (The Mist)

“Stay in your lane or someone is going to hit you with a car!” (A Simple Favor)

“The book was ‘violence is bad’… and the movie was like ‘Let’s blow shit up!’…” (Nothing Lasts Forever / Die Hard)

“If you’re gonna have a talking cat, give it an eye patch. Kids love that sort of thing!” (The Last Unicorn)

“Your headcanon can make that work for you! “ (Fried Green Tomatoes)